About me: a way of being as a facilitator of international teams work

After an intensive period of study in philosophy at the University of Florence and my degree, obtained in 1988, I started to work in the social sector. Since 1992 I have been supporting a large number of organizations in the development of international projects as a trainer, project manager and consultant in the field of European programmes and particularly in Mediterranean area. In this long period I have been in charge as a trainer or team supervisor of more than 100 international projects (training, seminars, intercultural exchanges) funding by EU Commission. I had the privilege to have thousands of participants in my courses and international meetings, with a really great richness of human relationship that have contributed in empowering my skills and abilities.
In all of the trainings I was emotional moved when participants said that the experience made together was one of the best in their life.
In this context I consider my activities and international team work to fit in a humanistic philosophy based in a person-centered approach, in human relationship, in a new model of society.
I think to have developed a personal way of being in the managing of international groups encounter and in the empowerment of young people based on: listening, rapport, trust, warmth, emphaty, humor.
In 1993 I became as a trainer in Euro Mediterranean projects and after this I supported a large number of training activities and seminars in various Mediterranean countries.
As a trainer my main areas of work are: leadership development, team development, personal development, emotional experiential and intercultural learning.
As a coach I have also supported many participants’, knowledge in my training activities, in the development of their ideas in youth initiatives or in work and businnes, and this in various countries.
As a social entrepreneur I have also experience in local communities development with successful projects where young people are key actors. Besides I’ m director of the firms that have building youth hostels, youth centre, and pilot social activities.